Improved automotive knowledge leads to better buying decisions. Today, we want to heighten your knowledge of front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive transmissions.

Think of front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive as opposites. While front-wheel transmissions transfer engine power to a vehicle's front wheels, their rear-wheel drive counterparts move that horsepower to back wheels. As a result, front-wheel drive pulls while rear-wheel drive pushes. Those characteristics lead to handling differences.

?Any front-wheel-drive car will steer through snow better than any rear-wheel drive car. Meanwhile, if you prefer dry-road performance to wet-road traction, then you will likely be happier with a rear-wheel drive model. Finally, most front-wheel drive vehicles will save you money on the initial purchase and at the pump.

Visit us at Griffin Kia with all of your questions about new cars. We will happily let you test drive front-wheel and rear-wheel drive models from our conveniently located dealership's selection in Meadville.



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