When you are driving along, you will need to press your brake pedal down at some point in order to make your vehicle slow down or come to a complete stop. Just like with any other part of your vehicle, your brake pedal may need some routine maintenance or repairs, and there are ways that you can tell that something is amiss. Let's take a look at some of the signs your brake pedal needs to be repaired:

  • Pressing your brake pedal down might be harder than it normally is or it could even be easier.
  • When you press down your pedal you might hear a squeaking sound or a 'whoosh' sound.
  • Your vehicle might not feel like it is braking as it normally would. This might be a problem with your brakes or could just be related to your pedal.

It's not smart to put off maintenance related to your brakes or brake pedal. Stop down to Griffin Kia today if you suspect a problem.



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