Crucial tips for roadside emergencies on the streets of Meadville!

Sometimes, accidents and breakdowns just happen. No matter how hard you work keep your vehicle dependable, matter how safely you drive, eventually you’re going to have a roadside emergency. Below are a few things to bear in mind that could save your life and those of other drivers.

  • The most common emergency was a blowout. When this happens, it’s actually all right to continue driving on your rim until you can safely pullover far from traffic. Rims are surprisingly durable in the short term.
  • Be sure to pullover as far away from traffic as possible, and to place flares and other important signals properly for everyone’s safety.
  • If someone pulls over to offer help, remain in your vehicle, and asked them to call for professional assistance or law enforcement if necessary. Do not leave your vehicle under any circumstances when a stranger approaches you!
  • In the event that you had an accident, do not move your vehicle until the police arrived, and give you the okay.

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