The Right Way to Charge Your Car's Battery

Our team at Griffin Kia, wants our consumers to be informed vehicle owners. Your vehicle's battery is a vital component of your vehicle. Unfortunately, there are times when your vehicle's battery may lose charge, so you will need to start the battery with jumper cables or a battery charger.

The first step is to find the positive and negative terminals. The positive terminal will be marked with a +, and the negative terminal will be marked with a -. Make sure that the battery charger is unplugged from the wall. The red clamp of the battery charger should be attached to the positive terminal, and the black clamp should be attached to the negative terminal. After the clamps are securely in place, you can plug in the charger and turn it on.

If your vehicle's battery continues to lose charge, then it may need to be inspected. There could be an issue with the electrical system. If you need to have your battery inspected, stop by our service center.

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