Your Vehicle Stalls
It's always alarming when your vehicle turns off without your control. If this happens while waiting at a light, chances are your vehicle is not properly providing electricity as a result of an ignition malfunction.

Your Key Will Not Turn in the Ignition
If you cannot get your key to turn in the ignition, or if it gets stuck, you are experiencing issues with your ignition and will need to visit a mechanic.

Flickering Dashboard Lights
Although not always the case, flickering dashboard lights may indicate a need for an ignition check-up.

There is No Noise From the Starter
If after turning the key you do not hear noise, then it is likely that the starter is not receiving electricity.

Your Car Will Not Start
If your car just won't start, one of the issues could be a faulty ignition if nothing happens when you turn the key.

Car issues are never fun or convenient, but with a good mechanic, they can be resolved efficiently. See your local Griffin Kia about your ignition repair needs today!



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