There are some places you frequent that a foul odor is expected. Locker rooms, for example, will most likely always have some sort of unpleasant smell. Your car, on the other hand, should be a place that you can enjoy a fresh scent whenever you step inside. At Griffin Kia, we want to help you keep your vehicle smelling fresh with these easy odor control tips.

A good first step is to vacuum your vehicle thoroughly. While this may seem overly simple, you'd be surprised at what you will find underneath your seats and in your trunk. This step alone may be enough to remove the source of any odors. Beyond that, you'll want to be sure to air out your car's ventilation system using an air purifier to ensure all odors are gone for good.

If you continue to experience problems with odors, feel free to stop by our service center so we can check for any underlying issues.



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