The Hows and Whys of Four-Wheel Drive

If you're in the market for a four-wheel drive vehicle, you probably already know that there are two types of 4WD. The first, four-high, lets you drive at normal speeds. Four-high is a great choice for driving in challenging conditions on normal roads. It can be a lifesaver in snowy or rainy conditions. Four-low is a totally different animal.

Four-low works best when you're driving slowly. Slow, here, means 10mph or under. This is real heavy-duty four-wheel drive, applying more torque to the wheels than in 4H. Use 4L for steep inclines, mud, sand and other super-challenging conditions.

In many recent cars, AWD is a key feature. Setting the AWD means that your car will shift into 4H without prompting. To find out more about 4WD and 4WD vehicles, come and see us at Griffin Kia. We're always happy to help the drivers of Meadville, PA get to know their cars better.

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