Cleaning Your Car's Engine

Keeping a car's exterior clean gives most drivers a sense of accomplishment, but they often overlook the grease and grime lurking within the engine. Not only is this sticky mixture of road dust and oil unsightly, but it can also, in rare cases ignite, causing an engine fire.

Keep the engine sparkling clean by removing all plastic caps and washing them separately. Remove the battery or cover it well with plastic wrap and include all other exposed components like wires. Douse the engine thoroughly with a good degreasing agent and scrub with a plastic brush. The final step is to spray everything down thoroughly and wipe any drips with a clean cloth. A power washer is ideal for removing stubborn patches of grease.

If your engine needs servicing, keep us in mind at Griffin Kia in Meadville, PA. We have a competent staff of car specialists ready to tackle any problem you might have.

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