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Schedule Service for Your Kia Vehicle at Griffin Kia

Whether driving a new Kia Forte or a used Kia Soul, your vehicle needs regular maintenance to keep driving around Meadville, PA. Fortunately, our dealership has a service department that can perform maintenance and repairs on any Kia model. Here's an overview of some of our services and why they are crucial to running your car smoothly.

Oil Changes

An oil change is perhaps the most important maintenance you can perform on a vehicle. Oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine and keeps it from breaking down. Without enough oil, your engine will seize up and leave you stranded on the road, so be sure to contact us and schedule an oil change when it's time. That is traditionally every 3,000 - 5,000 miles depending on the model and your driving habits, but you can consult your vehicle's manual for a more detailed recommended service schedule.

Brake Repair

Healthy brakes can make the difference between being able to stop suddenly in an emergency and ending up in a nasty accident. Our technicians can top off your brake fluid, examine and replace your brake pads, and repair your drum brakes or disc brakes as necessary.

Tire Rotation and Replacement

Our technicians can inspect your tires to ensure they are in good health and that their treads haven't worn down too much. They can also rotate your tires to keep the wear-and-tear on each of them even as you drive around Erie, PA, and replace them with a new set when necessary. Your tires should be replaced every six years, so contact us to schedule an appointment when that time has come.

Check Engine Light

Seeing your "Check Engine Light" suddenly turn on when driving around Greenville, PA, doesn't have to be alarming. Simply make an appointment with our service department, and we will look at your Kia vehicle and determine what kind of work needs to be completed to get you back on the road.

Our Edinboro area service center can handle all service and repair needs for your Kia model, so make sure to contact us to schedule an appointment when you need it. Our mechanics will be happy to answer your questions and get you safely back on the road.